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Poem for Topseup

She had a purse full of nickels

And one silver dollar in the bottom

Wrapped in a flowered handkerchief

To use as a cervical cap

Just in case

She drove a model-T 

And smoked Chesterfields or Lucky Strikes in a long cigarette holder

For special occasions she wore red lipstick and had her hair done in marcel waves

When she was a baby her daddy pinned a ruby broach on the hood of her cradleboard

She once sent a Valentines Day card to Sarah Pohocsucutt that read

"I know they say we're going to Hell for that thing we used to do

But I liked it

And I still think we're good"

She was married four times

When she went to the circus

The Wild Man from Borneo stopped the show to ask for her number

She was a high powered woman

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