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Sex, heresy, and treason abound as Polycorpus Singularia Plumber, a girl made from pieces in the back rooms of the British Museum, is pressured by her maker into a potentially lethal marriage to a duke. What is poor Polly to do when nothing in her life is what it appears to be, not even herself?

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Debris & Detritus
 - contributor

"Debris and Detritus, the lesser-known Greek gods...*

These words launched over a dozen alternate realities and histories, invaded existing universes, and even inspired a book or two with Debris and Detritus running amok through every world they touch.
With nothing else to go on, writers from various genres created deities that might or might not actually be Greek, might or might not be of any particular gender, might or might not be of this Earth but they always wreak havoc in ways that range from darkly horrific to brightly comedic.


                The Glicksberg Chronicles

Set five minutes in the future Wheatstraw LTD employee, Gary Glicksberg, is just another I.T. drone who happens to be blessed with a lack of ambition . He'd also like a new sofa. Marjorie Morning Star is only one of a generation of professional women who chose to freeze embryos in her 20's rather than throw her entire career off track. The trouble is Marjorie, now 40, can't withdraw her embryos without giving every penny she's ever saved to Wheatstraw LTD. What's worse Marjorie can't leave Wheatstraw LTD for another 20 years or she has to repay a mountain of student debt, plus interest, due immediately. When Gary discovers the multinational corporation that employs them both may be guilty of more than the usual tax evasion and E.P.A. violations his lifelong stance of ironic distance is put into jeopardy and so is Marjorie's history of following the rules.

In Topia, Tennessee, 949 miles from her old life, with a new name, identity, and social security number Marjorie Morning Star may think she and her family are safe, but is anyone safe when no law or morality out weighs the almighty bottom line?

A ragtag group of refugees; among them pregnant women, children, the elderly, most of them black or brown, choose between certain death and perhaps never being safe again. At least they have a destination. The question is what  will they find when they reach it?

In Marj and Gary's new home in an isolated mountain village the learning curve is steep. As corporate feudalism crumbles under the weight of its own excesses people find themselves forced to invent new ways to live. A host of viruses escaped from private sector labs sweep across the globe rapidly reaching epidemic levels and Marjorie chooses to risk everything she loves to work for a cure. Meanwhile the most driven fight to consolidate power at any cost and the people of Sagrada offer those around them an alternative. As the little village that accepted the refugees prospers, indiscriminately extending acceptance and generosity to all comers, conflict becomes inevitable with those who still consider Marjorie and her children their property.


About The Author

 Weyodi writes primarily poetry and speculative fiction. And has recently been chided for writing silly fictionalized biographies. Her prose often revolves around our species' primary motivations; sex, food and power. Indigenous people figure prominently in her work but few, if any, are mystical sages or tragic noble savages.


In the Press

"A steamy and entertaining romp...and I normally don't even read this genre, let alone review it!"

S. Jefferson Winesap on Monster Bride

"If Mary Wollstonecraft had created Frankenstein rather than her  daughter, it might have been Monster Bride."

P. Burroughs on Monster Bride


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