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​Red Lessons

​Winner of the 2017 Imagining Indigenous Futurism Award

  RelativisticJet and The Martian- Serialized On Wordcraft Circle- Excerpt

Debris & Detritus
 - contributor

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 Weyodi is an enrolled, voting, member of the Comanche Nation (Numunu) who writes primarily poetry and speculative fiction as well as the occasional play. Her prose often revolves around our species' primary motivations; sex, food and power. Indigenous people figure prominently in her work because she is an Indigenous person herself, and by coincidence so are most of her friends and family. However few of her characters are mystical sages or tragic noble savages, mostly because she's never met one of those in real life. She writes from a Numunu perspective because it is her original factory setting.


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Awesome Magazine Issue #1
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A Howl -A Collection of Wolves, Werewolves & Rougarou - contributor

Native Realities
Water Protector's Guide- Anthology - contributor
Native Realities with Stanford University Press


Coyote & Crow - Tabletop RPG

writer/game developer


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