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I might not be the only one in these collections but some of these stories can be found nowhere else.


A Howl: An Indigenous Anthology of Wolves, Werewolves, and Rougarou


Elizabeth LaPensée (Editor)

Weyodi OldBear (contributor) 

First Peoples Shared Stories

Foreword by Paula Morris
Intro by Eldon Yellowhorn

Weyodi OldBear -Contributor
Created by Flame Tree Studio (Literature and Science)

Following the success of Black Sci-Fi Short Stories comes a powerful new addition to the Flame Tree short story collections: the first peoples in Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas, the first migration, the first exploration, the discovery of land and landscape without the footprint of humankind. Stories of injustice sit with memories of hope and wonder, dreamtime tales of creation and joy highlight the enduring spirit of humanity. These stories, selected from submissions by new writers and cast alongside ancient stories and oral traditions from around the world bring new perspectives to the legacy of First Nations, of First Peoples.


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