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I've lit the fuse

I've paid my taxes

And I've thrown the dice

Your hair is too short to pull

Your bones will neither break nor bend

But I am patient and love is long

I know if I keep looking

I will find your handle sooner or later

If there is no breeze to cool me now

I can wait for it

The moon is green

And the plaster is wet

Slip your finger in up to the third knuckle

Slide your hand in past the fist

Tear the sheets or stain them past usefulness

But you aren't brave enough to throw them away

The blood hisses and spits like boiling diesel

The spark jumps and the pistons engage

I am committed to this road I travel

I am committed to this thorny heart of mine

I season my greens with the tyranny of the jealous heart

Some passions cannot be cut apart from the pathology

I will ride

Dig my heels into your sides

Until this rolling bed bursts into flame

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