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Soul of Romance

Lay me down in silver

For I am abominable

I am an asshole

I am on fire

If there was a joke in here some place

I would be it

I am the carnivore

Toothless and gutless

I am the liar

Full of irrefutable truth


My own cartoon

The Cossack of my own pogrom

Burning my own shtetel to the ground

The searing desire

The x chromosome flambé

Like marlon brando huffing and puffing toward ecstacy

Dreaming of taking the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Claus down with me

I think I am in love

I think I am the biggest sucker ever born

Deer woman won’t you come out tonight

Come out tonight

And dance by the light of the … it’s too cloudy to see anything but the city haze

Baby, you are my health inspector from Zurich

Checking out my unlicensed burrito wagon in an abandoned UPS truck

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