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November 16, 2017

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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Editing pt.2

November 16, 2017

Now, the previous post should be a warning to everyone about the importance of editing and the dangers of blogging. Let me be clear, it's fine to be pompous and overblown, I do it all the damn time. However, it doesn't work so well if you want people to listen to you, if you want to be believed, if you want to make a difference.



Much has been said about the problems between the two sides the political rift, and both have their problematic members and behaviors. 

To me the basic issue lies in questions of integrity.

The word integrity is interesting, it has the same root as integral and integration. Basically it means to be "whole" as in not have cognitive dissonance, not do one thing and say another, not live out beliefs in one area of our lives while ignoring it in another. 


When we don't hold people who agree with us to the same standard as those who disagree with us we are letting our integrity slide. 


A cop can be the kindest more reasonable human being on the planet but when he or she covers up or makes excuses for a brutal racist bastard, the good cop cannot complain when others tar him/her with the same brush. They are falling down on that oath to "protect and serve" if they don't protect the public from the bad cops out there.


Likewise, if we believe one person deserves the benefit of trial, we should extend that right to everyone.


If we believe in the right to safe food, shelter, clean air, soil, and water for ourselves something is wrong, morally, if we don't extend that to other human beings.


As a person on the left of the political spectrum I should hold those I agree with to the same standard as those I disagree with, as a bare minimum, or I am a hypocrite. 


Whether I agree with a person on not I respect others who demonstrate integrity, and I try to do the same.


Anyway- I think that's what I was trying to get at in my last mess of a post. 

Catch you on the flipside, hepcats.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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