An Obligatory Introduction

I was warned this morning before starting this blog.

"A blog is going to be tricky, especially for you," a friend of mine said over our regularly scheduled morning skype.

"What's tricky about a blog? I write every day," I typed back.

"Well..." she typed and I could practically see her across the ether in the wilds of Ontario twirling her yellow number 2 pencil between her thumb and forefinger "You have to be bland but not too bland, you know?"

Unfortunately, no, I did not know what that meant "No, no I don't actually."

"Nothing controversial, you'll never sell any books that way, and besides, the trolls will come after you. Maybe you should stick to recipes," she suggested.

The point being that I rarely know what's controversial and what isn't. It's not until I hear the gasps or start getting well meaning corrections that I know I've ruffled some feathers. There's very little that's not contentious to some degree these days and keeping my mouth shut for fear of trolls hardly seems like a way of life for anyone, much less me.

I considered an array of options and decided to conduct this blog the same way I conduct every day conversation; I'll say what I think, subject, of course, to rethinking and gaining new information.

Chances are my opinions will languish in my little cobwebbed corner of the internet. But in the meantime I'll amuse myself calling out, my voice echoing through the tubes like that of a Russian sailor in an aging submarine, calling out for slivovitz and toilet paper from his crew mates. Who knows, maybe I'll share a few recipes, too.

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